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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Tarred And Feathered

Source and seed of misanthropy
In the age of inquisition
Where kings and queens got the power
To lay down immoral religions
Pursuit of innocent flesh
Shedding of their blood
Plundering and robbing
A thousand natural lives

Hypnotized by the smell of death
Stiff walking to the stake
Amusements, tar and feathers
You are gonna lose your faith
Delivered from the hell's great fear
Spirits lost in gloom
Seek them in their dread abode

Tarred and feathered

Beautiful red haired ladies
They got put in the pillory
Skinned alive or stoned to death
Broken on the wheel
Sanguinary with arms across
The king watched the scenery
Exorcised and quartered
In the shambles of sin


Tarred And Feathered / Sodom

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