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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Shellfire Defense

The cover of darkness no longer conceals
An approaching enemy
There are many ways to kick some ass
With updated technology
You will always get on your knees
In the war you gonna fight
Prevent agreements between nations
No democracy but more genocide

Keep your eyes open you're under control
There is something that's over the top
Penetration and power sends bullets of lead
Inside your body to do the job

Shellfire defense
Pray to god that he will take you in his hands
Shellfire defense
You wish to take the final shot
That makes your nightmare end

Eliminate the threat and minimize the risk
Supremacy against the attacker
New weapons in front of fighting troops
They get no chance for shooting back
Who gave you the criminal passions
Inclinations to kill
Retribution demands victims
No matter what you feel

Long vanished is the age of blows with a club
Wholesale murder guarantee
Soldiers within the meaning of law
Decimate the dregs of society
Where's man's dignity and human nature
Disarmament and combination
Fit in with the need of the present
Peace not revelation


Shellfire Defense / Sodom

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