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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Baptism Of Fire

Product of my breeding
Inauspicious shapes
Formed by depravity
Abnegation of my past

Resigning, ireful
Watching the depolulation
Danger, impotence
Envelop the world in fear
Unnatural decay
Disclose the human need
Ptomaine, cremation
Baptism of fire we'll not survive

Abject and spirited
Getting excessive with results
Dislike a normal life
Excruciating waste away

Symptoms of pathogenia
Deproportionate your body
Incurable disfigurement
Bones decompose alive

Return to biogenetics
Turn over a new leaf
To form a vicious
circle 'til end of time


Baptism Of Fire / Sodom

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