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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Exhibition Bout

Arena filled with screaming crowd
In ecstast they cry
Paid money for a pleasant show
Want to see him die
The matador in shining dress
Intent to prove his courage
Drove by rejoicing mass
It boils his pulsing blood

Exhibition bout under the star of law
Men taking pleasure in hanging gore
Cruelty to animals crime
that won't get punished
Creatures treated as rubbish

With direct stabs into the living flesh.
To agonize the bull
По way out the fronts are clear
Take offensive jab it through
On and on ride for the fall
In danger of his life
Wounded find no place to hide
Death will soon arrive

Blood soaks and stains the parched ground
The slaughter to inaugurate
Duel between man and beast
Their eyes are filled with hate

He restrained fierce at the eleventh hour
'til death blows save his soul
No right to exist lamentation is low
His fleash served up as grub
Now find peace in a better world where men and beast are one
Arena was filled with screaming crowd
He is dead and they are gone


Exhibition Bout / Sodom

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