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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Magic Dragon

Camp duc lac calm before the storm
They fight with drowsiness
Rubbed their eyes must stay awake
Stared into the darkness

Disastrous noise from far behind
Imminent attack splits their minds
Forces proceed to counter thrust
Without doubt they will rush

Moon cast a shadow menace comes near
Form of an airplane
Take up the waepons to defend the boundary line
Do not want to loose the reign

Night into day when the bombs detonate to burn the sky
Our hostile positions are made out there is no place to hide
The AC-47 send their flames from all their barrels
6000 shots per minute to make a hill all level

Magic Dragon let sheets of fire hail down to the base
Magic Dragon a crucial test the enemy will never raise
Magic Dragon spit tracer bullets expose our hiding place
Magic Dragon iron monsters destroy with rage

Pilots circle their machines as eagles in the sky
Navigator technical warfare they know the reason why
Cause their orders are clear : crush 'em to win the war

First squadron obey the command take off higher
No vietcong can move in sustained fire
Orders are clear : win the war


Magic Dragon / Sodom

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