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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

Agent Orange

Operation "Ranch Hand"
Spray down the death
Down on their farms
Assault against the poulation
Suppress by military arms
Only you can prevent the forest
Legalize the war
They are deprived of their power
Eradication without law

Agent Orange
A fire that doesn't burn

All the marks erased long ago
Scars are healed up
Cancer creeps
into their innocent souls
Memorials of flesh and blood
Have survived
unlawfully punished
Paisoned 'til the end of their lives
Physical deformity
What medecine will help
Still births will rise

Agent Orange
A fire that doesn't burn

Grieved weak hearts are crying
Waiting for the end
In this condition they are dying
Newborns of the damned
Preserved in test
tubes for generations
Vicious circle of transmission
The is no way for reparation
Forced to live with chemical agent called

Agent Orange
A fire that doesn't burn


Agent Orange / Sodom

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