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 Sodom Sodomтрэш-группа

My Atonement

We worship our abnegation of desolation
With fire, blood, swords and reverence
See that hour blessed splendour in my name
War engines and battles of conquest are atheists

Glory in the highest heaven
Hear... my atonement

We will return to victorious city
For a proof to the world
Support us, be ready to fly or to smite
Gimme the sign of silence after the adoration
Verily you shall not die but live in console
Caressed by magnificent beasts of women
Unasuaged of purpose, delivered from lust
Not hell's heart hath so noxious a shade
Hear... my atonement

Behold the flame burning in every heart of man
Therefore is the knowledge a core of every star
As brothers fight keen proud and royal
Law is the word of god enthroned as precious water
His enemies tribulated of ordeals, are mere liars
Despise also all cowards who dare not fight
Exhausted is help and hope of wisdom
There is no law... do what you will!!!


My Atonement / Sodom

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