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Where Birds Have Never Been

I walked towards Reykjavik as always alone
When a band of dwarves seized me pulling me through stone
Down into their underworld where birds have never been
Wickedness and wonders the weirdest things ever seen
A silver dwarf seated on his mighty dark throne
Held up his wand and spoke to me in dire tone
"You come from way above and shall prove your worth
This ordeal has been waiting since before your birth
A victim of Destiny is what you claim to be
If you've been wronged then for sure you'll be free
But if your prove too weak to accept your fate
That means your freedom will forever have to wait
Only dwarves will know your all-too human shame
Only small men will speak your dishonoured name
You'll stay in the underworld where birds have never been
Among gold and silver the weirdest things ever seen
In the dim timelessness where only spiders mate
It might take you a thousand years to honour your fate
Thnk of Destiny for each rust-red drop that falls
On your brow while you stare at these stately walls
You must teach your stomach to let go of its greed

Your throat will learn to abate its strong need
You'll ask if life is an illness if you can be cured
In the end if you make it your story might be heard
The day you can bear the clothes Destiny gave to you
Then we can give you the powers see you stay true
You'll be free to leave this place deprived of life and light
Climb up towards the white sun to take up your great fight
You'll speak like a god before the cheering masses
You'll stand like a cliff in the stream of time that passes
Choose right over wrong there's nothing in between
Never be haughty or spiteful stay calm and serene
Drink the wine of winners live with pride in the sun
As a man of the sword and a master of the word
Not as a wild wolf forever on the run
Whose life's an illness that cannot be cured
Remember your friends where birds have never been
Wickedness and wonders the weirdest dwarves ever seen
We shall stay behind in this mine of wisdom and gold
When leaving the Underworld be strong and bold
As you climb through the stone you'll again be all alone"
Thus spake the silver dwarf from his mighty dark throne


Where Birds Have Never Been / Solefald

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