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Dionisify This Night Of Spring

Dionysos, god of wine and ecstasy
Attend this vernal feast, with satyrs and bacchantes
Fury, strings and choirs create a canvas in your honour

Mademoiselle, please enter this night of spring
Undress to the sound of caressing choral
"Dionysify this night of spring", dionysified they sing
The Aphrodite Loveroom glows with ruby walls
I gentle tie you up in the bondage so mild
Your eyes float in a sea of red Bordeaux wine
I kiss you all over, passion-drunk, passion-blind
In the sea of wine swims the albino crocodile
I tenderly adore the taste of your she
In this cathedral of cinnamon and sodomy
Strong colours congregate on the altar canvas
The motive of worship is your humid ass
Mademoiselle, this night is all yours
Choose from three thousand possible doors


Dionisify This Night Of Spring / Solefald

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