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Philosophical Revolt

Luna plina – lift your veil of silver
Red wine rebellion – drown yourself in vain
Control and strength – cultivating sense
Regressive dreams – living in the past
Atmosfear – emptiness inside
Disintegration – scatered sence of life

Realised impermanence – the sunrise of the human mind
Realised perfection – artwork out of body
Realised corruption – artwork out of mind
Remaining permanence – the sunset of the human mind

Confucios, Lao – Tse,
Socrates, Plato,
Schopenhauer, Nietzche,
Sartre & Beauvoir

Defend the name of nobility itself
The art of intellectual reflection
My mistress of mental desire
– Not bound to rules nor form

– philosophy –


Philosophical Revolt / Solefald

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