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The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet

So many years ago,
Many more than I intended
To bear in my mind
From the darkest of the places
I found you

All the little scene,
There my place is
And a heart made of real gold,
Sell me your little doll
Oh sir, I ask you kind.

Every night I return to watch them
The master and the puppet in the show
He said "Oh no I cannot sell him,
Priceless he is, masterpiece of mine"

Please sell me your puppet sir,
Name your price, oh please,
whatever you may ask
And for the price I'll pay
"Did i not make it clear?
This debate is over
I will never part from this puppet my son"

With hungry eyes, I follow them all night
The blind master and the puppet he has made
"No sir, to sell is not my will
The doll is mine even if i have to kill"

So it shall be if this is what it takes
Greed is truly blinder than me
Heart of gold is what you wish for
So this little boy wants to be a puppet, for real

So I have a golden heart
Now only needing the voice of the master
Never feel hunger, never grow older
My dream was to be a star in a real puppet (show)

It's so hard to remember my life
The times before the show
Can I ever cut off the strings?
"Take a bow, now dance and sing, sing!"
Would you turn me into a child again?
"No never, I am your guide"
You can see a small grin on the face
Of the master with the puppet
"Sing and dance!"

Be carful of what you wish for
Wish is my kind of lie
The prides are fooling me every day and night
The show, the theater and all the fame
I'd give it away for a life
Some things can end with a word, they say
This only ends with a sharp knife, knife!

Sonata Arctica

The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet / Sonata Arctica

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