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 Pungent Stench Pungent StenchАвстрийская дет-метал-группа.

Suspended Animation

I should be more than dead in my new bed
but something happened with me, I'm not dead, I want to be free
come on, let me out, I start to scream and shout but
only the worms can hear my painful dying fear

I'm so alone in my new home
it's so dark and gloomy, but not very roomy
I don't feel good like I could
suspended animation, a bad situation

let me out !!!

some friends here I got, wait until I rot
they laugh because I must be a fine repast
I'm not so dead like my doctor said
so let me out before I stop to shout

Pungent Stench

Suspended Animation / Pungent Stench

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