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 Pungent Stench Pungent StenchАвстрийская дет-метал-группа.


let me touch your skin
with my ice-cold knife I love see it red
and you'll love more

do it again & again
put it inside me
I can't live without
the knife tastes so good
let me feel ice-cold steel
please drive inside the knife
I won't stop 'till you drop
to the floor and cry for more
it's enough too hard stuff
let me out before I shout
shut your mouth, hold on your breath
before my knife – brings you death

now I want more
I know what you need
my knife will rip
'till you bleed

I'll never stop
I greed for more
I get now lust
I want more gore

Pungent Stench

Hypnos / Pungent Stench

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