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Squirting mud and exploding tanks
Corpses strewn over a loamy field
Screaming wounded – Streams of blood
Guts, eyes, teeth trampled into the dust
Dirty holes full of greedy rats
Trenches filled with water and ammunition
Woodcrosses with illegible names
Bare-dead trees, waiting ravens

Ripped – Torn
Mutilated bodies
Mud – Shit
Cover the battlefield
Steel helmets
In the barbed wire
Fog – Rain
Endless nightmare

Minutes like hours – Awaiting the end
Deadly silence – Silence before storm
Covered soldiers – Bearing the mark of death

Like a tornado the fight breaks loose
Hundreds of warriorrs in a big assault
Man against man, mercyless slaughter
Who survives wishes he was dead
Bloody bajonetts on broken rifles
Enerved doctors operating without a rest
Innocent women and children dying for nothing

Years are gone since the last battle
Veterans – Old, sitting in wheelchairs
Eyes that say so many words
But the lips are closed
Still the landscape is marked by the war
Old cannons – Big holes in the ground
Burned-out bunkers rotting trees
A flower growing through a rusty helmet

Millions of crosses
Over the whole world
Countless witnesses
To a senseless war
Silent crying
To the government
Just a word:


Holocaust / Protector

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