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 Pretty Maids Pretty MaidsДатская хеви-металлическая группа

Red, Hot And Heavy

Don't try to talk to your mother
She won't understand
She says you're crazy; boy you're running wild
Don't try to talk to your father
He won't give a damn
Saying you're lazy, and a problem child

You got to be strong
If you will survive
Stay alive

Well they can kick they can beat
Knock us down to the ground
But we will rise, and we'll march again
'Cause we are the heat, we are the sound
of rolling thunder in the wind

And so we are here
And we won't give up
We won't stop

Red, hot and heavy
The way it's gonna be
Red, hot and heavy
Now don't you see
Red, hot and heavy
We're bringing you down
So touch the ground

You know the big revolution
It's gotta be so
Out in the streets we're gonna shout it out
You know the final solution
It's rock 'n' roll
That's what we need, and we'll keep it loud

And so we are here
For a night on the town
Rock this city down

Pretty Maids

Red, Hot And Heavy / Pretty Maids

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