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Live Until It Hurts

I wanna taste it
Feel it in my bones
Gonna reach for the sky
I got wings I can fly on my own
I'll go the distance
You'll never see me crawl
Cause I'm over the hill
And I'm in for the thrill of it all

And you know
Easy come and easy go
I can feel the fire glow
In my body and soul

Live until it hurts
Wanna feel it
Fight for all it's worth
Take on the world because it's mine all mine
I ain't gonna sit and waste my time
Live until it hurts
Spread my wings and
Fly like a bird
It's better to burn out than to fade away
Stand up until my dying day

I'm gonna live it up
Take it as it comes
Have a piece of the pie
Feel like a wild on the run
I'm gonna walk on
Never gonna rest
I'll go for the lot and you know
I'll stand up to the test

Wanna win
Gonna put the wheels in spin
And enjoy the state I'm in
Fell the magic, raise some hell

I'm running with the devil
I'll be kicking up some dust
Push it to the limit
Cause my motive is my lust
I'm lit up like a rocket
Ready for take off tonight

Nothing's gonna stand in my way
I'll come on strong and live for today
Cause nobody knows what tomorrow will show
Got a hold on life and I can't let go

Pretty Maids

Live Until It Hurts / Pretty Maids

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