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Scent Of My Prey

Walking in a trance tonight
Round the city streets
Looking for some pure delight
To fulfill my needs

My sanity is split in two
I'm burning with desire
Girl, I got my eyes on you
You're fuel to my fire

Creeping in on you
You'll never see me coming
Nothing you can do, oh no
No one's got a clue
There ain't no point in running
Now, can you feel me honey
I can smell you

The scent of my prey

Raised to be a monster
A pervert lunatic
In a psychotic hunger
I twist my strangle grip

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Are you terrified baby
I'll be satisfied
Now you're in my possession
I'll realize my mission
I can smell you

The scent of my prey

Now my head is filled with emptiness
And I don't really recognize myself
Is it true what the paper says
Could it have been me
Little girl, don't you sense the danger
Little girl, never trust a stranger
Don't take the candy from his hand
And don't you play his game
He'll steal your life away

Baby step inside
I'll take you for a ride
No one hears you cry
No mercy
My kind of pleasure, is the key to your pain

Pretty Maids

Scent Of My Prey / Pretty Maids

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