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Snakes In Eden

You are the lust behind the lie
You are the hate that never dies
Suffering and misery
You are the cycle of my pain
The never ever ending strain
And bring out all the worst in me

And black is your religion
As the darkest night
A cat among the pigeons
Waiting for the strike

You are the poison in the bite
The raging jealousy inside
My wrath and my hostility
You are the virus in my veins
The growing cancer in my brain
You are infidelity

I have watched the cities rot
I have seen the nations fall
And I have denied my God
While you misled us all

Search in myself
Got to face my demons
Rising from Hell
There are snakes in Eden

You are blasphemy and decadence
The stealer of my innocence
The worm that wriggles around my soul
You have haunted me right since my birth
Created all scum of the Earth
And caused this world eternal cold

You are infernal
You are the mentor of my sins
You are the incubus
The evil from within

Pretty Maids

Snakes In Eden / Pretty Maids

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