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Your Mind Is Where The Money Is

Look at yourself
Life in extreme
You're a symbol of wealth and luxury
Fashionable clothes
Champagne on ice
Well it's your definition of paradise

You'd sell your soul for glamour
And trade your heart for gold
You've got eccentric manners
You're in control
On top of the hill
What you don't know
Is that you're mentally ill

Cause your mind is where the money is
And it never changes
You go blind when you feel the bliss
Of the ghost that haunts your mind
Your blind

Valuable friends prestigious might
They'll be gone with the wind
When moneys tight
In the eyes of the man on the street
It all seems so absurd
Your selfish greed

Material gods mislead us
The rich will tax the poor
We bite the hands that feed us
And ask for more
It's tearing you up
You want it all
You can't get enough

Can you feel it
When it tears your soul
Into pieces

One day the score will be equal again
And the rich will descend from his throne
You can't buy your way into Heaven my friend
You see fate has its price on its own

You've been blinded
You just can't hide it
You can't hide it

Pretty Maids

Your Mind Is Where The Money Is / Pretty Maids

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