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If It Can't Be Love

No cure for the broken hearted
No hope for the lonely one
Now baby ever since we parted
I played a game that can't be won
But I still believe in love
Cause I know it do exist
Have you ever tried to need someone
Have you ever tried to feel a love like this

I know I had my misdemeanours
Here I am to count the cost
You say there's a world between us
That I'm one that you just can't trust
Let me make it up to you
Just gimme one more try
Cause I'm drowning in this loneliness
And my spirit slowly dies

If it can't be love
If you won't let me into heaven again
I want you to stay by my side
What does it take to be forgiven my friend
Where did I go wrong
I gave to little and expected too much
I wanna die in your arms
I can't get by without the feel of your touch

One million little love affairs babe
Still the thorn stuck in your side
I promise you I really swear girl
That part of me is a part of my life
Can I ever break the walls
The fortress around your heart
Cause there's no meaning to it all
When love is torn apart

And every poisoned word that has been said
The reason to regret
Love is stronger, love is stronger than death

Let's talk it over let the good times begin
Let's just get closer baby
Skin on skin till the end

Pretty Maids

If It Can't Be Love / Pretty Maids

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