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 Pretty Maids Pretty MaidsДатская хеви-металлическая группа

Children Of Tomorrow

They live in the streets
Outside the walls
Left out in the cold
There's nowhere to sleep
They've taken the fall
Into the hole

They grew up with violence
They learned how to hate
And learned how to fear
They searched for silence
Before it was too late
Before it was disappeared

Where is the future
Where is the past
The answer's unknown
But the child of tomorrow
Don't know where he is
Or where he shall go
They are the children of sorrow
They are the children of tomorrow

And all their illusions
All of their dreams
Are all gone so far
They live with confusion
Don't know what it means
Don't know who they are

So rise all you children
Come back to life
You're wasting your time
'Cause you are the future
You are not left behind

Pretty Maids

Children Of Tomorrow / Pretty Maids

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