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 Nuclear Assault Nuclear AssaultАмериканская трэш-метал, кроссовер-трэш группа

Too Young To Die

Look at you, what is it that you do
Could it be you re hiding from yourself
I look at your wasted life, I disaprove
You can help yourself, but it s you that must choose
Get that needle out of your arm
If you want to die then that s a good head start

Too young to die
Too young to die

Lying there in a drugged out haze
Track marks creeping up and down your arms
How can I soften what I try to say
You hold your death in your hand

Too young to die
Too young to die

A drug fogged haze your point of view
How can you let yourself exist this way
What would you do for a fix, my friend
Could that be the sum of your life

Too young to die
Too young to die

Nuclear Assault

Too Young To Die / Nuclear Assault

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