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 Nocturnal Rites Nocturnal RitesШведская группа, играющая музыку в стиле пауэр-метал.

Genetic Distortion Sequence

Initiate gentice distortion sequence
Commence involuntary human breakdown

Watch the reconstruction
Beginning of the end
THe world is black and burning – Man has failed
Watch the second coming
A season of decay
World elimination – Activate

Another poor example
Can we survive?
Create the perfect sample of man

Evaluate – Eliminate
Eliminate the world

Genetic evolution
Composite of a man
Obliterate the defects – Mass –produced
Commencing the distortion
Decoding what remains
Redemption and illusion – Enervate

Nocturnal Rites

Genetic Distortion Sequence / Nocturnal Rites

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