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 Necrodeath NecrodeathИтальянский трэш-метал группа

Eucharistical Sacrifice

Rebirth of the "magick"
In macrocosmical reign
Archetype of the circle
Vibrations of the heavenly names
The ancients are one
Unite by the fathers of time
Out of the mirror
Await the spirits revive

Eucharistical... sacrifice
To heaven gates
Glorified by the last storm
Atlantis arises
Yperborea's birthday
Reflect in cabalistical eyes
Shapeless chaos
Re-enter perpetual illusion
Superior vegetal
Ostiary turns to salvation
If I come, to fall in error
When the jackal's freed from the cage
Let the carrion, sound in horror
New glory in one thousand flames
Pranayama, calms emotions
End it now, tomorrow's will
Iron lungs, for mechanical pressure
The atomic cults of... fear
Soul search – destructive race
Emulation denied
Universal altars burn
Dead stars enflamed
Break crania – dreadful depths
Eternity dies
The child in golden eggs
Enochian key's mine!


Eucharistical Sacrifice / Necrodeath

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