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 Necrodeath NecrodeathИтальянский трэш-метал группа


To the void – your minds disappear
Last inner corpses denied
Dream in blood – scleromeninx feel
Scorn in sight – the victim tears

Death's claws (of) denial prepare
Fear corrodes your smelling flesh
Clinic death – your procreation's dying
Blood's cyophoria reject
Mother's torment – suicidal will
Still untouched – by those who kill

Screams of anguish, approach your face
Blood drops flowing behind
You wake up lying, through cries and pain
Fear will take your life
Torment – your sight disappear
My last dream's fading to death
Time pass slowly for the insane mind
How can you relieve yourself?
It's a fight of bodies that still dominates
Misery reflects in your tears
Innocence is turning my deranged fate
Consciousness is burning – stillbirth!!!


Stillbirth / Necrodeath

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