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That's The Way I Kill You

We often meet together inside of internet
I choose all my victims sitting before my monitor
Talking to girls by keyboard
It's time of new killing
Power's on, modem is connected
I made a date with girl in reality
Brought her home where I live
And I stand before her
And knife with sharp blade in my hand
Incise her skin till her blood splashes aside
On the floor, on the wall
Sleeping pill in glass of the wine
That's why she is tied to the chair
I will not let her die so fast
She must suffer from pain, from bleeding
Ripping the bits of flesh from her legs
While she screams in vain
She's begging for mercy in a high thin voice
Sewing together her lips
She can't shout through the thread
Go on to rip the flesh from her legs
Until the feet stick on bones
Step by step I slice her flesh
Press out her eyeballs, dismembering
Twisting limbs until they break
Torrents of blood, the mash of guts


That's The Way I Kill You / Mortem

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