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My Name Is Death

Small town is seized with fear.
Danger waits for you around every corner
Hide away your lives.
I'm coming with sharp blade in my hand.
Don't get out in the night.
Black night is the only witness.
Silent wind is flying over trees.
See you going, my victim
Next in my list of killed.
Police can't catch me
I do it so fast
Newspapers know
My name is death
I attack you suddenly
Running to you
Knock down on ground
Rise up my blade
Blood, blood
I see blood
Running out from your cut throat
Don't you know that is a pleasure
Watching you die
In suffering and pain
I leave a sign written with blood
On the wall in the place of crime
Look and read
This is my name
My name is death
Death is my name


My Name Is Death / Mortem

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