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Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2)

She's walking down the street.
Alone in the late evening.
I'm waiting her in bushes.
I wanna fuck her.
I like this kind of pleasure.
Knife in my hand.
Begin the violent
Sexual death.
Blood splashes aside
when I stab her by knife.
Scream from acute pain
is dying away in the night.
I don't care.
Take out my prick.
Stab in her cunt.
I tear her clothes apart.
Sex with the dead.
I like to fuck young girls.
It makes me pleasure.
Fuck young dead body.
Touch her hairy crotch.
Blood runs from her cut throat.
Kiss her elastic breast.
Guts from stomach
that I have opened
are falling down on ground.
I carve her flesh in pieces.
Blood splashes on me.
I've got a satisfaction.
That's all.


Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2) / Mortem

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