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Hymns Of Tragedy

Open your mind, see beyond your realm
Into the eyeswhere such horrors dwell
Singing the hymns of this tragedy
Are the voices of the suffering

The end of our time drawing near
As displayed in the face of the tortured ones
Entombed in their graves
Voices still screaming for salvation
That will never come
As thousands more die
The screams remain
For the ears of the living
Reminding them all of their death
Hear their cries
Hymns of tragedy

Rising from within the flames
As the skin of the face slowly melts away
The flesh becomes ash
Screaming is ceased by the touch of death
But those who have seen
Screams of the burning child
Within their mind
The cries still ring
Suffering, waiting for death
Hear their cries
Hymns of Tragedy


Hymns Of Tragedy / Monstrosity

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