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 Monstrosity MonstrosityДэт-Метал группа

Embraced By Apathy

Raised in the screams of the dying light
Born into tragedy
Existing violently
Forced disregard of all humanity
Product of a war
Where a generation of souls
Embraced by apathy
Caressed by dying energy
Released from the bodies
Who can't adapt
The weak are attacked

Forced into life is this genocide
Where endless blood saturates the eyes
Of those who kill prepared to die
Their hunger craving life

Embrace their minds
Their apathy keeps them blind
Surely our demise
Within their screams we die
In vain, force in the blade
Voluntary plague injected foolishly
Answer to a life obscurity
Product of a mind
Where a generation
Has drowned themselves in stupidity
Project aggressively
Choking on the blood of their enemies
Their searching for


Embraced By Apathy / Monstrosity

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