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The Eye Of Judgement

Shroud my face in this veil of scorn
At one with darkness I am reborn

Eye of judgement
Staring at you
Turn your face and hide
I impose my wrath upon you
Imploring me, you'll die

Burning in the flames
Cast upon your life
Feel the darkest energy
Infect your soul

Screaming rage of negativity
Dwells beyond my eyes
Inside I control

Inflict my horror
To the heart of weaker useless souls I despise
No longer
Will I allow my enemies to continue life

Descent into a grave
Is the punishment
I impose on you
Your flesh consumed
Swirling mass of omnipresent
Hate and solitude
Beckons you
Eye of judgement

Covered in the blood of my enemies
And pure virgin innocence
My soul can rest
I've imposed my judgement
On the feeble beings
And their souls are raped
In my god-like state


The Eye Of Judgement / Monstrosity

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