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One More Time to Live

Pre>verse 1(a)
Look out of my window
See the world passing by
See the look in her eye


One more time to live and I have made it mine
Leave the wise to write for they write worldly rhymes

And he who wants to fight begins the end of time...
For I have riches more than these
For I have riches more than these

Middle 8

Creation tell me someone why there's only confusion
Evolution tell me someone that this is all an illusion
Pollution tell me someone
Saturation tell me someone
Revolution tell me someone why this talk of revolution
Confusion tell me someone when we're changing evolution
Illusion tell me someone
Conclusion tell me someone
Contemplation changes in my life
Elation changes in my life
Salvation changes in my life

Verse 2(a)

Look out on the hedgerow
As the world rushes by
Hear the birds sign a sigh


One more tree will fall how strong the growing vine
Turn the earth to sand and still permit no crime
How one thought will live provide the others die
For I have riches more than these
For I have riches more than these

Repeat middle 8

Repeat verse 1(a) /pre>

Moody Blues

One More Time to Live / Moody Blues

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