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World Of Shit (The Promised Land)

Bred from the bowels Sheep one and all
Bound by the doctrine of lies
To fucked human shit, I shout blasphemy!
As I make my way thru to
The promised land

Smell of shit is so foul
Writhe in disgust
Earth heaves and death comes to call
All the waste – Cling to your lie
You are as sand and the wind blows
My disgust – A fever
To kill a thousand more

Gene dead from birth
God's holy fuck Canonized but of no use to me
Human shit, waste begone from my earth!!

Desolation – No life bodies littering
Beast of earth devour!
Cleanse this world for those who deserve

Burning cities, all is well
I remain in my conviction
As the waste in sewer flows thru the promised land

Morbid Angel

World Of Shit (The Promised Land) / Morbid Angel

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