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 Morgana Lefay Morgana LefayШведская трэш и пауэр-метал-группа


Every truth and lie wear a sign
just open your mind
every search needs wide open eyes
cause blind you can not find

of all metaphors in all those tales
there's the quest for the grail
you can't find the chalice
but the blood that were betrayed

sangreal – explore the shadows of christ

i see creation in all
it's in the wheel of time
two parts combined to spread
new life – what's more divine

all the gospels about the truth
of the christ and his life
were ignored and twisted so
it never could be revived

one way
one truth
it's imbedded in life

just find a way to see through the lies
explore the shadows of christ

sangreal – explore the shadows of christ

a heretic emperor
converted to the church
just to gain his power over
the empire he gave birth

all the ancient beliefs
and all the symbols and rites
were declared as evil,
an obscure path away from the light

sangreal – explore the shadows of christ

Morgana Lefay

Sangreal / Morgana Lefay

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