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 Morgana Lefay Morgana LefayШведская трэш и пауэр-метал-группа

The Devil In Me

A fallen beast, a fallen man
Both deceived, we stand condemned
I understand his better thoughts
He wanted freedom, now he's caught within

The devil in me
The devil in me

Once we both believed in god
He told us lies, a pact in blood
Through madness we travelled, on angelical demons
Up and down in the sand glass of oblivion
Remember, remember
My daughter and her eyes...

A throne for me, a throne for him
A throne for all the fallen kings
We march the road to the fallen gates
To rule the purple barren waste
The moonlight shining red
The secret ryche in my head
He rips the wall between our minds
His prison faces this other side
He's free – the devil in me
The devil in me
The devil in me
The devil in me
The devil in me

Morgana Lefay

The Devil In Me / Morgana Lefay

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