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Never Say Never

Rolling down this highway, for years it seems
Trying to chase that rock 'n roll dream
Ain't no way I'm gonna throw in the towel
I just keep pushing it's just my style

Yes I'm a rockin I'll keep rollin
It doesn't matter if it's up or down
The band is drivin music's surviving
It ain't over till we rock your town

I never say never I've been down before
I never say never just when you count me out
I'll be back for more

Just doesn't matter it keeps getting better
Don't try to tell me it's time to come home
Just keep hitting it nothing else to do
Were do you live I'm coming for you

Yes I'm a rockin I'll keep rollin
Getting my kick till I get my fill
Ain't nothing to it just gotta do it
Making my music gonna fire at will

Chorus repeat

Molly Hatchet

Never Say Never / Molly Hatchet

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