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From the Albums:

* To the hilt

* 2nd Live

Last night's blind date

Hit me like a handgranate

Blew holes in my soul

I'm on a love crusade

Wore my loves like a pair of gloves

But this time I'm going straight

'Cause I never felt this strange

I'm supposed to be skilled at the game

So once again it goes to show

You'll fall into the trap of love bro

Before you know

Sleepwalkin', don't panic

We're on the Titanic

Don't you try to call my bluff

Both eyes shut travels hard enough

Sleepwalkin', don't panic

We're on the Titanic

Across the bridges 'round the poop

A fire escape, won't hesitate

She's floating there

A living jewel

A gem that makes me lose my cool

It's no surprise I'm paralysed

This vision has got me hypnotized

Remember your princely duty

Rescue that sleepin' beauty

Golden Earring

Sleepwalkin' / Golden Earring

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