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Save Your Skin

From the Albums:

* No promises no debts

* 2nd Live

The pity and the pleasure and the guilt and the pain

The sun and the moon and the stars in the rain

It's all the same

Goin' back to zero

The other side a life

With gasoline and neon lights

Seeping though the night

On a coulour-slide

Hand that's holdin' a gun

It's the trigger – happy son

Another abnormality

A wolf among the sheep

It's the good time boy, girls toy

Takin' another chance

And there he goes

Do you think he knows

On and on he goes

Do you think it shows

Hold on he's coming back

Like a joker jumpin' outa the deck

Hit a lotta dust. Hit it hard

Just to prove my lord he can take a lot

Dig it now you still can

Get a smoke-screen and a rifle-man

Holy Christ look at the state he's in

Save your skin take my advice

And keep the kids inside

Save your skin now you can without an alibi

Save your skin take my advice

And leave the dogs outside

Cause here he comes

It's the demon man with the fire in his eyes

Checking out your lies one by one.

Soulkitchen's empty

Lotta contrast with last night

There's broken chairs and broken glasses

Everywhere in sight

Sunlight is blindin' my eyes

Minute he walks in

How ya been?

Golden Earring

Save Your Skin / Golden Earring

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