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The Devil Made Me Do It

From the Albums:

* Cut

* Naked II

* Last blast of the century

All set, court's in session

This judge's got no compassion

Witness, show me your right hand

I swear, nothing but the truth now

I was allright till she came along

I was allright, then it all went wrong

The devil made me do it, oh, oh, oh ,oh

It was an act of a man possessed

The devil made me do it

Your honour, I'm innocent

D.A's, got a mighty strong case

Lawman, saw the whole thing

Confess, yeah I stole that furcoat

Confess, yeah I stole a BMW

Confess, I was only trying

to keep my baby satisfied

Bullshit, that's the truth now

Bullshit, so help me God

You should have seen her slide

out of her neglige

Het skin was hot touch intoxicating

and if you were me

you would have done the same

So spare me the gutter

Save me from the ball and chain

Golden Earring

The Devil Made Me Do It / Golden Earring

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