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The Unforgettable Dream

From the Album:

* Face it

C'mon baby write me a letter

Shut out the night

Write me a song - this wheel of fortune

We spin together - am I right, am I wrong?

I'm tired - tired of believin'

You don't care - you don't care ...

Come on woman - come on girl

Maybe it's time to weave your spell

And I know - the unforgettable dreamline

You say it better than you know

I know the unforgettable dreamtime

You blew me feathers on the dance floor

You look amazin' in the night

Sure makes me horny

The way we whisper lies in the storm

I'm nothin' but a beggar for your love

I couldn't care less - you couldn't care less

We're gettin' careless about the time -

Let's go crazy in the night

Sure makes me horny

Let's go chase another rainbow

Cause we're runnin' out of time -

This night is unforgettable

The unforgettable dream

Let's go chase another rainbow -

Before we forget ....

Golden Earring

The Unforgettable Dream / Golden Earring

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