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The Vanilla Queen

From the Albums:

* Moontan

* Golden Earring Live

* The naked truth

Fascinating lady, snowflake in the sun

You make me feel so bourgeois

oh, you've captured everyone

I hear you've been a dancer

At some famous Paris show

and million dollar lovers

Neatly saw you to your door

Nineteen fifty seven,

sweetheart of the year

Secret of your beauty,

was your moontan and your fear

and now you run this city

You're still honey to the flies

Attract the incrowd dandies

Faraway-look in their eyes

You're the bright, nocturnal vanilla queen

Your mask is sterile dignity

Tell me why, nocturnal vanilla queen

You haunt me, even in my dreams

It couldn't be avoided

We were bound to meet

I knew you would drag me down

and toss me off my feet

Sweet moments of desire

Sweet moments of relief

You blew down my fences

You're natural make-believe

Golden Earring

The Vanilla Queen / Golden Earring

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