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Heart Beat

From the Albums:

* No promises no debts

* 2nd Live

* Last blast of the century

It's move groove move movin' inside of me

With a steady beat I repeat steady beat

My little muscle man lill' power plant don't step on it

Nothin' to compete with that priece of meat so complete

Here comes your doctor more

Best one you can afford

The good doctor's remedy

Don't need no education

Don't need no dedication

But I need my – heartbeat!

After makin' love next to me I can feel your heartbeat

I love that motordrive just for keepin' you alive

Mine's big enough and bad enough for the two of us

It's a dynamo it's ruthless

Don't need no information don't need no information

But I need my heartbeat!

Don't need no imagination. Don't need justification

But I need my heartbeat!

Golden Earring

Heart Beat / Golden Earring

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