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Prisoner of the Night

From the Album:

* Prisoner of the night

Will's a broken down lover who's never been

outside the city he lives in

He's got memories of the better days

and he's floatin' in his dream

But tonight's the night that's gonna change

his life - change the whole situation

Mercy just got off the train

she gets a cab at the station

diamond time ahead - coming in the clear

Lonely hearts disappear

cause Mercy's on her way and Will don't have to wait

Time and time for the day anymore

Mercy's had enough of the now and then

Of her strait jacket existance

So she packs her bags and cuts her hair

and throws away the ribbons

Cause tonight's the night thats gonna change her life

change the whole situation

Will just turned the free sign off

Baby where can I take you

Who will stop the rain again

We will stop the rain and then....

Golden Earring

Prisoner of the Night / Golden Earring

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