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Cut 'Em Down to Size

From the Album:

* Prisoner of the night

He's got a room at the top and a jag

At the bottom

Looks real pleased inside his boredom

Out on the stretch he's a big time roller

But the dames keep gettin' colder & colder

He thinks inch by inch monopolize

But that little girl overthere

If he's got the guts if he dares

Is gonna cut �em down to size

Sheila's gettin' rude and hungry for

The first prize

Sheila's gettin' rude and hungry

Aimin' at the eyes

She's gonna cut �em down to size

There's a whole lotta prettiness going around

So don't let one bad break bring you down

I know a guy who swears he won't find another

Girl like the one that dated him for his brother

Now she's waitin' for him to apologize

She just wants to cut him down to size

Golden Earring

Cut 'Em Down to Size / Golden Earring

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