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 Golden Earring Golden Earringрок-группа


From the Album:

* To the hilt

Not too serious

Take that frown off your face

I'll get furious

Baby I'd like to see a change of looks

Gimme pleasure

You look good when you smile

(that's better)

Say – actress

Don't you wanna do

The things I like best

Facedancer – magic eyes

That burn with passion and fake surprise

Every time you call the tune

You get your way just a little too soon

Aggressive mask on request.

Sure to start another bad fight

On the surface tigress

But on the inside baby, you're a lullaby.

I'm gonna lose you

To some photographer

You'll be abused

You know he's bound to get your act uncovered

The games' brutal

They're low on scruples.

But I'll be waitin'

I'll be here when your features are failin'

Golden Earring

Facedancer / Golden Earring

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