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Fuzzbox Voodoo

I went down with the fuzzbox

Grinding a pound or two

Say I'm down, with a fuzzbox

Pounding and a workin' it through

And because you've got fuzz

Go on and do what you wanna do

I down down with a fuzzbox

Checking out what it could do

It was step-2, blue voodoo

Fuzzed another hour or two

Just do it man

Go with yo' hand

Once you understand

Got to do what she wantcha to

Now lay down on your hot spot

Listen what I'm tellin' you

Said leand down witchu hot spot

Hit chu with the blue voodoo

Just do it dude

Everybody do

Once it's understood

Talkin fuzzbox blue voodoo

ZZ Top

Fuzzbox Voodoo / ZZ Top

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