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 Insane Clown Posse Insane Clown PosseХип-хоп дуэт


Welcome to the tilt a whirl, he, all you mutha fuckers are gonna die, every
Body, you dieing everyday, constantly, ill kill myself right mutha fuckin now
And still wont die, try it, wicked clowns never, never die why

Oh my goody look a chicken keep your money heres a ticket,
Hold up keep your kids out here they too young to play in there.
Step right up now strap em in lock it tight under his chin,
Clamp his arms up to his side it's gonna be a helly ride.
Now if you misplace an item psychopathic certify em,
If you lose your nugget yo hatchet ain't responsible.
Look and wonder if you will cos we about to rip and kill,
Think about your every sin as my tilt a whirlly spin.
Die clown die
Die clown die
Looky look a fancy fuck with his wallet up his butt,
Give the wealthy what they want fuck the line put him up front.
Welcome to our specticle carny rides etcetrical,
Hope you like it even though you have to mingle with the pope.
Here you go sir have a seat you got to test this ride is neat,
Tell you now the ride is fast might want me to hold your cash.
We gonna spin until your soul leaves your body dead cold,
Tilt a whirl is sprayin blood all over the neighbourhood.
Die clown die
Die clown die
Welcome body what you did lactopuncture on your kid,
Unscrew all them bodies now we cant go another round.
Excuse us while we clean up here buy your food from over there,
Strap him in and start the show this time speed it up some more.
Tell me any last requests before your guts rip out you chest,
Fuck all that don't give them nothin slap his ass and press te button.
Fair enough another down carnival of fuck around,
Fire up the tilt a whirl and well see you all in hell.
Die clown die
Die clown die
Yo the dark carnival will never die, I mean thats all we do is think about
Dieing, wed wish wed die, wed hope wed die, the only problem is we ain't never
Ever ever gonna die mutha fucker
Die clown die
Die clown die
Die clown die
Die clown die

Insane Clown Posse

Tilt-A-Whirl / Insane Clown Posse

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