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If you're gonna rip my heart out

Could you use a knife that's dull

And rust in color

Once I die

There will be no way that you can cover

That scar. It's hard, I know.

And if I get a little blood on, you

Finally the world will know you're guilty

Know you're wrong

Of taking everything you're gotten from me

No heart. It's hard, I know.

Mighty King of Avondale

I just can't let this go

Real life ain't no fairytale

I just thought you should know

And when you're finished with the surgery, I

Really hope that you will turn to me, and

Tell me all about the fun you had

When you were cuttin up

You were cuttin up

Living like a fairytale

The Mighty King of Avondale

It all went to his head, this royalty

I stuck a knife into his back

Inventiveness is what I lack

He's always hanging up on loyalty


Avondale / Yellowcard

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