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 Dark Angel Dark Angelгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Older Than Time Itself


As you enter your realm of incorruption

The values of morality in their pristine state

The walls that surround you in a gentle caress

Protect you from the world of hate

And the earth is full of lurid madmen

Misogynists abound waiting to produce your fall

But the being you should most fear when you turn out the lights

Is in no way human at all

A puritan soul, distanced from sin

A libertine's ways never for you

But now you've no choice in this carnival game

A toy to be done with what I choose

No one answers! To the cries in the middle of your dreams

No one answers! To the cries rapidly becoming screams

No one answers! Though you're forced to perform against your will

No one answers!! So shut up and accept your fate!!

You recoil in revulsion, but that will soon pass

As you rebel to my sensual skill

Non-compliance won't do, you will truly serve me well

Or I'll have no choice but to kill

It's the way that I work, it's the way that I am

I'm selfish, my needs are quite great

Exhibiting my power over the weaker fairer sex

My Leviathan desires to satiate

Aha what is this? You're beginning to relent?

As I have said, none resist my charm

Your confession of faith is far behind you now

And to think at the start you were alarmed!

I am your savior, you await my return

Your libidinous urges long repressed

What I do to you is unhumanly possible

I've now introduced you to your future ways&

Dark Angel

Older Than Time Itself / Dark Angel

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