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 Dark Angel Dark Angelгруппа, играющая в стиле трэш

Merciless Death

I am an angel of darkness

Abhorrent to those who are frail

The strength inside me is my will to believe

In myself, with no self-betrayal

My force is my own preservation

My destiny mine to control

I don't live my life to be judged by anyone

Surviving intact is my role

Lost time is never found again

Screaming through my life of speed  insanity, mach ten

I utilize the life I've been given

Or else it's as if I've never been

I take pains to make my presence known

If it's a negative impression then I'll take the blame alone

I have no regrets and I call my life my own

I have no time for the words left in stone

I acknowledge only one thing

My own authority

Answering to no one, I leave no trace of pity

My independence rules my life

I can't help what you are

For this I won't apologize

Because I leave scars!!

I promise you agony

If you attempt to intervene

Just pay attention to yourself, you're barely existing

I'm thriving on the life I lead

A veteran of human wars

For this I won't apologize&

Because I leave scars!!

I practice angelic darkness

My convictions keep wolves from my door

I know what it means to have someone tamper with my dreams

Deflowering my essence, my core

I once sought no recrimination

But now I seek the price be paid

Forever wary, always guarded against anyone

Who's mistaken me for easy prey

Defeatist attitudes are only in vain

As you wonder of my species  must I really be explained?

Realize now that I'm ingrained

Knowingly, forever on your brain

Nemeses falter in their plebian ways

Employing methods to usurp my reign, my inner maze

Seeking clues to uncover the clever turn of phrase

Salient words are found amidst the haze

A mercenary I may be, I tend to feel I'm not

My only need is to maintain my lot

I have a lust for life that stands to be my legacy

I'm proud to say, "with my life, I am free"

To leave a mark, necessity, my memory redeemed

I suffer not from lack of self-esteem

Someday, my confidence will be a mass contagion

I assure you this is no self-exaltation

I cicatrize myself upon your mind

You won't forget my actions as you will find

I'm lord and master

Of my own future!!

I am the darkest of angels!!

Indomitable in my will to succeed

I have a goal to ascertain

Entrenching myself upon your brain

These words I've bled upon this page

Have come from inside, how quickly I've aged

My innocence has died and was buried long ago

Eternally joined with a part of my soul

The weak of heart need not apply

I admit they're not for all  my caffeinated ways of life

Those who oppose me will end in bitter strife

Defacing human minds until I die

Those with open minds will benefit from my vows

A self-betrothal where I pay no heed to sacred cows

Further discussion time will not allow

Until we meet again, I'll take my bow

And remember&

Dark Angel

Merciless Death / Dark Angel

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